Help! I think I’m a Nationalist (say it softly) 

Well he (Seamus Carey) came. He saw Wivey Explorer Scouts putting out the chairs.  He even played his Cornish bagpipe. Event number three at the Town Hall with another full house, taking our seats not knowing exactly what to expect of the advertised “controversial sell out comedy show about identity, second homes, xenophobia and (aforementioned)  bagpipes.” 

Was it a pure challenging and entertaining act or just an interactive lesson/workshop (with scones, cream and jam) in exactly what makes the Cornish people wince and cry. Who knew what to expect, but the good people at the Town Hall soon experienced a tour d’force one man comedic theatre from Seamus, and  potentially things to really think about or concern us living here in Wiveliscombe, and reminders that possibly most of us have at some stage travelled down to Cornwall on holiday or lived and worked or studied there at some time. I know I have done most of those things myself and with a father who grew up in Newquay, well before surfing became a sporting pastime. Also a timely reminder of how extremist Nationalism (say it quietly) can totally overwhelm you and change your thinking. 

Our Cornish born facilitator (Seamus) soon got down to the subject in hand, calling for words which might come to mind when thinking “Nationalism” and there were all the ones you would expect including “Men with Moustaches” (quick look around the audience) and yes our facilitator has one. No one dared mention someone as infamous as Mosley, although afterwards I did remember growing up myself with his name prominent graffiti on South Harrow Arches; “Hang Moseley” still there even in the “swinging” sixties. 

Helped by his faithful Louis, scones, cream and jam was handed around. That proved devisive; is it cream or jam first……? Well, Seamus some got each grouping to sit closer together, which meant some moving from one comfy seat to another part of the hall. All very clever stuff which kept on coming throughout the evening and occasionally Seamus brought us all together again for some community singing. 

This is what live theatre is all about with lots to think about and endless conversation, and would we need the first aider for Seamus (no),  who probably over stepped his boundless energy for Nationalism (say it quietly) but, we all saw it and went away better for seeing it here in Wivey, because we all know everyone is welcome here……