The Big Turn On

It was a dark and stormy night but in the doorways and shelters of Wiveliscombe hardy souls emerged to witness an event unseen for many years.  Opinions differ as to whether it was the 60s or the 70s but for a long long time (and before Abba, punk rock, alternative comedy and, for most people, even colour television) Wiveliscombe Town Hall has sat silent without power or lights.  But those dark years ended at 9:45pm on Wednesday 26th July 2023 when the lights once again came on.

The first to be turned on, with a rousing countdown, was the light belonging to the town clock sitting in the apex of the gable.  Then another countdown to the full illumination of the huge arched windows overlooking The Square.  A big cheer to salute a great achievement.  Coloured lights came on to animate the windows (which we now realise could really do with a clean) after which Charlie Chaplin cavorted around, projection courtesy of Eddie Gaines.

Thank you to everyone who braved the elements to witness the turn-on.  A big big thank you to Somerset Electrical & Property Services and Thomas Security Systems who have been doing all the electrical installations at the Town Hall.  A special thanks to Steve and Kathryn for the donation of the clock light.  And a shout out to Drew and Maggie Wegg for the loan of the coloured lights on the night.  You’re all stars!